Zack Stauber
Zack Stauber is a geographer working in New Mexico. He has worked in many aspects of mapping, including
  • 3D modeling and animation for litigation purposes
  • terrestrial photogrammetry for forensics
  • aerial photogrammetric for base mapping
  • cartography for archaeology and biology
  • GIS software application development.

Fried Dough Foods of the World (as per Wikipedia)

Fried Dough Foods of the World (as per Wikipedia)


Spacewar! screenshot
Written in Java, by the 1985 DOS game of the same name, which was itself inspired by the 1962 PDP-1 game of the same name.

To play this game, you must have Java installed on your computer, preferably the latest and greatest.

You can either click the above image to play it in your browser, or you can download the spacewar.jar file below and double click it once you have Java installed. The file is unsigned, so it won't let you play it in a browser without scaling back your Java security settings to Medium, which I would never ask you to do.

The source code is released under an MIT license, and the artwork was created by Nathan Carlisle.

To compile this game yourself, you need the JDK, and it would help to have NetBeans, the Java IDE, installed. If you do, unzip the source, import the existing project into your workspace, and build it.


This is a port of Spacewar! to two player Node.js. As such it runs entirely within the browser, no Java required. Right now it is in play testing, and not hosted publicly, but soon it will be available to play from this site.

I am investigating whether it would be worth it to port it to WebRTC instead of Node.js, so that it would not require root privileges to stand up a server.

The source code is released under an MIT license, and the artwork was created by Nathan Carlisle.

To hose this game yourself, you need to install Node.js, which runs under any OS, and know your IP address so that others can browse to it. You'll have to open up port 3000 on your router by default if you want to play with folks outside of your home network.

Once those are taken care of, unzip the source code file somewhere. Make sure npm is pathed, and cd to the spacewarjs directory from the command prompt and type npm install as root. It will install the necessary socket libraries. Then type node server. Players will be able to connecdt by browsing to http://youripaddress:3000 Once you have to players connected (or two tabs of the same browser connected), press spacebar to start.


Textris screenshot
This is a *tris clone written in ANSI C.

Note, the source includes a Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition for Windows Desktop solution, which should load up right away. It also includes a makefile for Linux systems. If you are on a Debian based system, e.g. Ubuntu, you may have to install the ncurses library before compiling it, like so:
sudo apt-get install gcc ncurses-dev